Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zoo Lights

SO cold. Seriously. I remember thinking when we took this picture "I can't feel my legs."
My nephew Alex, all bundled up.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wish We Were Here

Bass Lake in California. I can't even IMAGINE being warm right now. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Miss Lucy

Luce. Silly Luce. Miss Lucy. Lucy Goosey. Lucy Girl.
I am not usually one of those bloggers that writes about my feelings. I'm usually a picture or two and something sarcastic. But tonight, I'm feeling verbose. We got Lucy on a whim back in January. I now know that buying a dog on a whim is not a good idea. Especially when you already have two perfectly good dogs at home that you got on a whim back in 2005. Anyway, as I was saying. We bought Lucy thinking we would provide a great home for her. Big back yard, Collin likes to hunt, she could play with Marley and Oso. This plan worked for about 2 months. She quickly grew to be twice the size of Oso (and he's fat). She dominated everything and when she was left home alone for 9 hours would become destructive and do stupid things like eat rocks. Last week we finally realized that we were NOT the family for this dog. So we put an ad on KSL and a really REALLY wonderful man named Don has taken her to a far better home. He stayed in my living room for half an hour telling me all about the German Shorthairs he has had over the last 45 years. He loved every one of them. He was sweet with Lucy and played with her and talked directly to her about all the things they were going to do together. Go to Bear Lake, go on a daily walk (we sucked at that), learn how to be a real hunting dog in the fields (she loved being in the fields more than ANYTHING), play with his grandkids and sons. He just went on and on (I was kind of getting jealous of how much fun she'll have, I wonder if he would let ME come). Then I asked where she would sleep (she sleeps on our bed) and he said she would sleep in his bedroom. I about hugged him when he said that (I actually did when they left). I love that dog and it's killing me that I don't get to curl up with her tonight. But this is for the best. He's going to give her the life a German Shorthair is supposed to have. I just miss her so much.
So Luce! Here's to you. Be a good girl and love Don as much as you love us. I'll miss you and we'll always love you.