Saturday, January 31, 2009

DC Day 9

Day 9 was one of my favorite days. Here is me and Collin standing in front of the Potomac. That is the Kennedy Center on the other side.My cousin, Melissa, and her husband, Jamie, live about 3 hours away. They knew we were coming and planned a trip to DC for the weekend so we would be there at the same time. They knew the city really well so they took us on a tour of Georgetown.We went passed the U.S. Naval Observatory. The Vice President's house is somewhere around here, but we weren't sure where.So we took a picture of the "Master Clock" at exactly 12:28.They then took us on a tour of the city in their car. It was nice to see the city from a warm car... and not have to walk anywhere for a change. They then drove us down to the DC Temple. It was a gorgeous temple.
They then took us out to the nicest dinner we've had all week (an understatement, really, considering what we've eaten all week. More like the nicest dinner. Period.) at a really yummy place called Oceanaire. Oh yeah, that place was awesome. If you're reading this, Thanks Melissa and Jamie! We REALLY enjoyed spending the day with you!
And, of course, the reason we came on this trip: Happy 6th Anniversary to us!

We are using Collin's laptop while we are here and I don't have any other pictures from our wedding day other than the one on my blog so this picture will have to do. Here is to the 6 most wonderful years of our lives... so far!

DC Day 8

Our first stop of the day on day 8 was a tour of the capitol. We scheduled it through our congressman so we got a personal 2 person tour by a U of U student intern who has only been here 2 weeks. She sure knew a lot, though.A statue in front of the capitol. I can't remember who it was a statue of.Me, being interested in some random fact our tour guide, Julie (in the red), was pointing out.Collin, standing between a statue of Alexander Hamilton and Brigham Young. Each state has 2 statues placed throughout the capitol.Me in the capiltol rotunda.I am standing in front of a plaster of the statue that is on the top of the capitol.Next stop, the museum of Natural History.We heard the Hope Diamond was tough to see and that we would have to wait in line. We just walked up, stood there, took a few pictures. It was great.We passed this statue every day on the way to the closest Metro stop. We kind of became fond of it after a while. I am really going to miss DC.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

DC Day 7

After a very disappointing tour of the White House Visitor Center (we didn't even take a picture, dude) we headed over to the Petersen (with an "e") House where Lincoln died.If you don't believe me read this sign:This is the actual room he died in. He was carried to that room after being shot here (it opens NEXT WEEK! lame):After lunch we headed out to the National Cathedral. ( And you're right, Kira, Collin doesn't smile in pictures. I'm not making him be in the pictures either, he just isn't a smiler. You wouldn't know it, but we are having a really good time!).This is a random building next to the Cathedral that I actually did make Collin stand in front of for a picture.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DC Day 6

On Day 6 we got a late start. We thought we would wake up around 8 on our own so we didn't set an alarm. We ended up not waking up until 10:30 and didn't get out until 11:30. So all we had time for was hanging out at Mt. Vernon all day in the rain. Yeah, the rain was a lot worse than the snow. I'd take snow any day. I paid 10 dollars for an umbrella that said Mt. Vernon on it. Stupid rain.

Collin, standing at the front gates to Mt. Vernon, in the rain.Me, standing on the front porch of Mt. Vernon, in the rain.The back of Mt. Vernon faces the Potomac River. That tree was supposedly there when George Washington lived there. There I am, standing in front of it, with the geese, in the stupid rain.We love this place. It's a chain, but I don't think we have them in Utah. We should. Potbelly, if you're listening, come to Utah.
In Potbellys there was this cool flag that had all the states listed with a little drawing of some old fat guy that had something to do with each state.Our state was represented by good old Brigham Young.On our way back to the hotel we stumbled across the FBI. It's closed to the public (but the Pentagon isn't?) so we just took a picture of the building where Mulder and Scully used to work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DC Day 5

The day started at The National Archives. I want to watch National Treasure again so I can say "I've been there" over and over... much to the annoyance of Collin. I love annoying that guy. I do it so well. The Declaration of Independence. Trust me, it's there.The Bill of Rights. Another document you'll have to trust me on.The Constitution.The Rotunda. This picture illustrates the two things that literally SHUT this city down. An inch of snow and the President driving to the Capitol. Well, we aren't sure it was the president but the motorcade consisted of about 20 motorcycle police, a fleet of 10 or so black SUVs and limos, and a whole lot of police cars. It was ridiculous. As for the snow, this was the most that accumulated yet pretty much every school in the entire city was closed and it was THE top story on every news channel. Bunch of wusses. I'd like to see them in Utah for a day or two. They'd never make it.We visited the Supreme Court. They had the most intense security. More intense than the airport. I had to take my belt off. It was also the most boring place we've visited.Right next door, however, was probably the neatest place we've been. The Library of Congress. Our tour guide was a stodgy old librarian (I'm totally going to stop doing the "librarian look") named Frank.It has the most awesome architecture. This picture does not do it justice.We ended the day at Chinatown and ate dinner at a place called Matchbox. Thanks for the tip, Jess, it was yummy.

DC Day 4

The day started out with a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. It was a lot more exciting than it sounds. We saw how money was printed.This chart sort of made me wish I was taller... or at least taller than Collin.A model of the Wright brother's plane at the Air and Space museum.Collin with the actual Wright brothers. Yeah, they were there.The Smithsonian Castle.The Museum of American History. Collin really enjoyed this one.I enjoyed the American History Smithsonian as well but got really excited when I saw this. It made me think of you, mom!This will be the day. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. Collin for President!Oh Colbert, you crack me up.This blank space is in lieu of a picture of the Pentagon. We were not allowed to take any and I really didn't want to see what Jamal, our tour guide, would have done if I'd tried. He was a big guy... and in the Navy. We also weren't allowed to use the bathrooms or drinking fountains. The second he said that I was parched and had to pee...

It was a busy day. I was actually happy to see the Metro.