Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cabin Fever

Does anyone else feel like their walls are closing in on them? I know I said I love winter but I am just SO ready for winter to go away. So I bought these at the grocery store.
2 for $6.oo.
And another thought. The new Scrubs was on last night. I watched it. Did anyone else? And if you did, did you get the feeling that something was just not right about it?


Walkers said...

it makes me happy to hear you say you're done with winter.
i was done with winter before it came.
pretty flowers though

Joy! said...

Yes! I feel the same way. Just yesterday I was thinking about weekend trips I wanted to take and then thought, 'oh wait, it is still an artic ice tundra out there, forget it.' Just a couple more months right? :)

Brett, Jenn and Alex said...

I did watch Scrubs and yes something was off. I can't put my finger on it, but it didn't feel right.
I can't wait for Spring or Summer either.

sexychoco said...

I completely agree! Winter just sucks! :) I love the summer nights when you can just go out for a walk without putting on a ton of gear or have fear of slipping on some ice---as an afterthought though--it does make me more apt to do my homework and study more cause...what else is there to do?! :)