Sunday, January 31, 2010

7th Anniversary

For our 7th anniversary Collin and I both took Friday off. Collin asked "what do you want to do?" I said "read and get out of the inversion." So naturally, we went ice fishing.

Here I am all bundled up. You can't see it but I have a book in my hands.Collin with one of the 5 or so fish he caught.
The only way I'll go is if we take this heater: and this hut:
Sky bluer than I've seen it in months didn't hurt either.
On saturday Collin actually agreed to see a romantic comedy. Usually I can't even get him to rent a romantic comedy.

After the movied we went to a neat little Italian place down town called Canellas.

Then today, to celebrate 7 years, we made dinner and ate it by candlelight. I love anniversaries.

(Don't you love how fuzzy that picture is? Although it may be hard for some of the younger people out there to believe, all our wedding pictures were taken on film. Not a digital camera in sight. My scanner isn't working so this is a picture I took with my camera out of our album.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas and Ice Fishing

Christmas day we went out to visit our grandparents. This is pretty much the only picture we took all Christmas. We suck. The day after Collin and I decided it would be fun to go sit on a frozen lake and catch ONE FISH!Oh wait. I wrote that wrong. COLLIN thought it would be fun to go sit on a frozen lake and catch one fish. ONE FISH! (Notice in the bottom left hand corner I am holding a book. Reading made it bearable. The ice hut helped, too.)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

28 is so Great!

How I spent my 28th birthday:
-Woke up to a dozen red roses and a card from Collin.
-Got a call from my wonderful mother, sister, grandmother, and in-laws wishing me a happy birthday.
-Saw Avatar. Awesome movie.
-Ate at California Pizza Kitchen.
-Invited some old friends and new friends over for a New York New Years Eve party that ended promptly at 10. (with the exception of Jen and Zach who stayed until Central Time New Years Eve [11] to finish out one of the craziest Wii games ever. My arms STILL hurt).
-Ate some of this cake made by the lovely Jen Gibson. This picture is actually a prophetic picture. Notice the cake is right at my hips which is exactly where I'm sure it ended up once I ate it not only that night but for breakfast the next morning).

Oh, and Happy New Year!