Sunday, January 11, 2009


Waiting patiently for our new puppy to arrive got me thinking about 2 other puppies we were once just as excited about a few years back. I didn't have a digital camera when we got them so we don't have many pics of them other than this one that we keep on the side of the fridge. I used to be able to hold one in each hand. It made vet appointments a lot easier. Marley is on the left, Oso on the right. I remember taking this picture. You would not believe how hard it was. I think it was probably the only good one on the whole roll.


Amy said...

That is a fantastic picture. how did people function before digital cameras? I'll never know.

jakenapril said...

oh, so cute! i love little bitty puppies. there's just something about them...all cute and cuddly and so fuzzy wuzzy that you want to snuggle all day with them. well, at least that's what i'd do if we had a puppy, but we might have to come and snuggle your new puppy.