Saturday, January 31, 2009

DC Day 8

Our first stop of the day on day 8 was a tour of the capitol. We scheduled it through our congressman so we got a personal 2 person tour by a U of U student intern who has only been here 2 weeks. She sure knew a lot, though.A statue in front of the capitol. I can't remember who it was a statue of.Me, being interested in some random fact our tour guide, Julie (in the red), was pointing out.Collin, standing between a statue of Alexander Hamilton and Brigham Young. Each state has 2 statues placed throughout the capitol.Me in the capiltol rotunda.I am standing in front of a plaster of the statue that is on the top of the capitol.Next stop, the museum of Natural History.We heard the Hope Diamond was tough to see and that we would have to wait in line. We just walked up, stood there, took a few pictures. It was great.We passed this statue every day on the way to the closest Metro stop. We kind of became fond of it after a while. I am really going to miss DC.

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