Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kate's Wedding Day

The newly minted Mrs. Talbot and her dashing father. The back of her beautiful dress.
The four of us not causing trouble for once.
Kate throwing the bouquet.
Em caught it! Work it girl!
My gorgeous hair!
And I just LOVE this one.
There was a groom. I promise.


jamirodana said...

Is Kate your sister? Friend?
Love your hair. So pretty:)
Cute pic of you and Collin!

Lee said...

Oh, how elegant and off a magazine YOU look!

Rachel said...

Thanks ya'll! Kate is one of my best friends.

Makell Wintle said...

Pretty wedding, where was that? That pic of you guys is too cute. It's a foot poppin kiss! :)

Emily said...

Congratulations Kate! (I know you as Kathleen...from waaay back)
Rachel, you and Collin are such a beautiful couple. I love that last picture of you two as well, you just look perfect!

Rachel said...

Emily: She switched to Kate but it hasn't quite gaught on here in Utah. We struggle with it and let a "Kathleen" slip in every so often.

Amy said...

You are beautiful. SO SO beautiful!

Oh yeah, and so's the bride. :)