Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Family Reunion

Collin and I are on a roll with the family reunions. This past weekend Collin's parents took the whole family to Park City. The grandkids (and a few adults) went on the Alpine slide and the coaster. It was a lot of fun. Again, we got to see family members we hadn't seen for a long time. While there, we got a a caricature drawn of us. I think the artist really did a good job of capturing Collin. What do you think?


Sue said...

You guys look great! I have always wanted to have a caricature done of us but just haven't gotten around to it yet. How fun!

Walkers said...

yay for family reunions!! and yay for running into neighbors in Park City! :)

did you guys ride the coaster in the rain like we did? it was awesome in the rain. haha.

it was good to see you though. we'll have to make that happen more often.