Thursday, August 28, 2008

Game Night With Joy and Chris

The other night one of my oldest and best friends, Joy, and her husband, Chris, invited Collin and me over for a game night. We had so much fun! Love you Joy! Chris and Joy, looking happily married (8 months! Way to go!) Me and Collin. Yes, those are poker chips. It's all good. We didn't play with $$. Joy, checking to see if her flush beat Chris' 3 of a kind.

Thanks, guys! Our house next time! And no, we won't play Apples to Apples.


Brian and Kandace said...

You have such a cute blog! I'm not surprised after seeing your house. We love game nights too.

Joy! said...

So much fun! We are ready and waiting for our invite to game night at your house. And we are going to bring some of Chris' nerd games! haha!