Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prison Break

I really wish I could say that I've been a fan of Prison Break since the beginning. But alas, it wasn't until halfway through the second season that this show even registered on my television viewing radar. So, after watching a few episodes randomly, I was hooked. Collin and I rented all of season one and watched them in one weekend (best weekend ever! I love you Wentworth). Then we read recaps of the part of season two we missed. We've been fans since.
Last night was a TWO hour season premier. This is what I started thinking about halfway through: Um, they aren't in prison. Not even Sona. Nothing. It should really be called "Prison Broke" or "We Broke Out, Now What?" or "Sara and Michael Variety Hour" or" How Many Times Can We Get the Same Group of Random Cons Together to Fight For a Common Goal and Make it Believable?" The last one is my favorite. It's a litte long so we can just call it "HMTCWGSGRCTFFCG?"
I am still going to watch this show. The same annoying neurosis I have that forces me to finish books I don't like won't allow me to give up on this show. That's why I went and saw the X-File's movie twice even though I thought it kind of sucked (and I'll buy it and watch it again). It's the same reason I read through the end of Breaking Dawn as well as EVERY Jane Austen book this summer (don't get me wrong, I love Jane Austen; but after the fourth book I was ready for something new).
So Scofield and the Gang have at least one dedicated viewer. That is until Fox realizes how dried up this show has become and cancels it. What do you guys think? Has Prison Break jumped the shark?

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jamirodana said...

I have not ever watched Prison Break. My sister's watched it and I think continue to watch it. There are a few shows I just didn't know to watch and haven't had the desire to watch still. Another example is 24. Never watched it, probably never will.
Nothing against those shows, just no time for them.
I hope that like you said, if it is a show that has dried up, FOX will take it off the air. Who knows?....NBC has not received the memo on ER and that it is going on way toooooooo long.
I like your front door. Cute idea.
I need a house.......
Also, what do you have against Apples to Apples?
It's purely based on who the judge like's the most. hahahaha. Just kidding.
Wow, I just totally rambled on your blog. :) I'm done now. Linda had her baby, by the way!