Thursday, September 4, 2008

DIY Photos of the Week

These two switches are not just switches. They are a sign. A sign that soon our basement will be done.
A sign that we won't have to watch TV in the kitchen perched on one of these:
Or curled up here: (I took a picture of the bed unmade to prove a point)A sign that my books will have a home here: (imagine built in book shelves) and will no longer be piled in the laundry room on this bench:
or on my piano:And I can show off the neat craft Jen and I did last night (we stamped the edges of old books we found at the DI, neat huh?)
Those switches are a sign of the ceiling fan that will hang here: (they actually ARE the switches to the ceiling fan)
Possibly my favorite sign is that those switches mean we are one step closer to buying curtain rods for these awesome curtains.
I am so excited to have this room done!


Caryn said...

you are funny, :) and a handy handy person.

our closing date is supposed to be the 16th but our loan is taking extra long so we'll see!

Jess said...

I am excited too! I want to know more about this book stamping... it' looks really cool!