Monday, September 22, 2008


Megan tagged me! Thanks Megan!

~ Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
~ Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.

1~ I love reading. Unspectacular, right? But I do. I love reading even when I hate what I am reading. I can think a book is utterly ridiculous and horribly written but I’ll just keep reading it until I finish it. This quirk is how I was able to finish reading Breaking Dawn.

2~ I like to be balanced. My mom said that when I was a kid if I had a toy in one hand I had to have one in the other. She said I was kind of OCD about it. I can see it still in the things I do. It would be a whole lot easier if I were ambidextrous. I’d feel much better.

3~ This one might be related to #2 because it also sounds kind of OCD, but I can’t step on cracks or lines in the sidewalk. I myself did not realize this quirk until I was in college walking on campus with my friend Kathleen and she pointed it out. It was a real turning point for me.

4~ I like to correct grammar, spelling, and word usage. It really bothers me when people use a word they don’t know the meaning of or when they use the wrong to/too. I can usually look the other way on those. But when someone says something incorrectly, like “me and her” or “I’m doing good” I’ll correct them. I try not to do this with people I don’t know well but sometimes it slips. I’ve been known to correct 4 year olds. I also think people use commas way too often.

5~ Needles give me the creeps. I can’t stand them. When I get my blood drawn I have to be prescribed Valium. And when I get my allergy shots (every 3 weeks) I have to give my self a little pep talk. The thing that scares me the most about eventually getting pregnant is the epidural. I hear it’s a really big needle. (Shudder).

6- I like my house to be really clean. And for the most part it usually is. I deep clean every other week and I spot clean the rest of the time. But (for those “Friends” fans out there) I have a “Monica closet.” One of our extra rooms is a horrible mess. I just throw stuff in there as if the room were some kind of black hole that sucked up everything we don’t use but don’t want to throw away. Then I shut the door. Out of sight out of mind, right?

Now I tag Jen G., Joy, Jessica, Emilie, Dana, and Missy. Go forth and be tagged!


Chris and Tara said...

I'm a bit like Monica, myself. Ü

Kira said...

I am sure you got all the language skills from reading. I am a little worried about my wording here now :)
Good to know the unspectacular!

Michael & Sharolyn said...

You are so funny! I can totally see the English thing- you always wrote well. Did I say that right?