Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jen and Zach

A friend of mine, Kira, dedicated a beautiful post to another friend, Jen, and it has inspired me to do the same. I have this amazing friend Jen who wants to be a mother. Actually, "wants" doesn't quite cover it. Jen, and her amazing husband Zach, have been trying to become parents for years and recently decided to adopt. Everything Jen and Zach do revolves around the knowledge that someday they will be parents. And I mean literally everything. From which kind or dog to get to Zach making sure he has a job that can support his family. I know it hasn’t always been easy for these two. But I am constantly amazed at the faith and love they have for our Father in Heaven. They have served the Lord wholeheartedly in every calling asked of them. I’ve seen them with a class full of Sunbeams who love them and want nothing other than to be with them. Trust me, I know. I’ve subbed for these guys and you wouldn’t be able to find a more disappointed group of 3-4 years old kids when they realized Jen and Zach wouldn’t be there.
You would think the frustration would make them bitter. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am constantly amazed at how positive Jen and Zach are in the face of such a trial. Most people, when they decide to start a family, get pregnant and 9 months later they have a family. With infertility and adoption there is not a time frame. In the face of this unknown, Jen and Zach have been nothing but upbeat and hopeful; trusting in the Lord to bless them.
I consider Jen one of my best friends. I would do anything for her. Not a day goes by that my prayers don’t include a silent plea for her to have a chance to be a mom. As Kira stated in her blog, word of mouth will only help Jen and Zach’s dream of children. Please help my friend and spread the word! The child that is lucky enough to be adopted by these two will be blessed beyond measure.

Zach and Jen at their "second home" in Bear Lake.

Click on Jen and Zach's pic to be find out more about them! I've also added a link to them on my sidebar to help spread the word. If you feel comfortable, I urge you to do the same!


Jennie said...

You are just too nice! We love you guys :) Thanks for getting the word out for us!

Jess said...

This is a great post. They definitely deserve it :)

Beckaboo said...

Yes, They are the sweetest people I know!