Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Girls Night

Joy and Emilie came over to watch the Presidential Debate. It quickly turned into a Debate Pajama Pizza Party. We made mini wheat dough pizzas. Yummy!
Emilie and me on the stairs.

Me, the lone Democrat. GO OBAMA!!! Joy, practicing for her Pantene commercial audition. She already knows she is voting for McCain.
Emilie, also a Republican voter. (I didn't get the memo to wear green. I never get the memo!)
Me and Joy, getting our debate dance groove on. If you happened to look out your window around 8 you would have seen this: And this: I totally kicked trash at Hand Up Stands Up (with the help of Joy). Why did we get together again? Oh yeah, the debate. Just a few more weeks until November 4th! Obama/Biden 08!

Until next time! Love you guys!


Caryn said...

pretty pretty funny :)

Joy! said...

'Rachel look. Let's be clear. That was a fun night.' haha! do you like my Obama impression? Probably not! Sorry about those towels... or maybe I'm not sorry... who has decoration towels?? ;) hehe

Michael & Sharolyn said...

Sniff, sniff... LUCKIES! That looks like so much fun. I miss you all!