Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If your eye sight isn't quite superhuman enough to read the letter in the picture above let me sum it up for you. Apparently we were sent a notice of violations on the weeds in our backyard on September 9th (hey, they block legacy from our view) and being the horrible citizens that we are we ignored said notice (they didn't exactly say that in the letter, but I could tell by the tone of the letter that is what they meant) so they sent another notice that I found today resting on my doorstep (not in the mailbox) when I got home (figured the mailman must have put it in the wrong box). Problem is, we never got the first notice. Yeah yeah, I'll bet they hear that all the time. I tried calling (they are only open until 4) and as I listened to the recording telling me the scant few hours in which to call, I noticed something: even though the letter was in regards to our lot and had our names on it, it wasn't our address on the envelope! I felt vindicated (even if we do have weeds). So, community project anyone? Saturday, 8:00, I'll serve lemonade!


jakenapril said...

this reminds me of the lady in orem who didn't water her lawn. is there some nsl city statute that has stipulations about weeds? 'cuz if there is...well, i should keep my mouth shut.

Jennie said...

Wow, you're trashy :)
We'll help you, that is, if we don't have another big project in the works (wink wink)

JamieD said...

Oh my that is HILARIOUS! We live what 3 doors down from you and I can honestly say that I have never noticed your weeds. It could be that I am too busy trying to cut across your fron lawn without getting caught by your dogs or by Collin (who I am really afraid of!) Seriously how lame can the city of NSL be. We begged them to put up a Children at Play sign because cars fly by that park and since statistically I have the most kids in the hood:) its likely one of them could get we got the sign and they put it inconspiculously inbetween 2 trees and no one can see it. DUH! My other issue is the stupid red car parked the wrong way in front of my house thats not mine and hasn't moved for over 3 weeks. Funny thing is last year Bryan parked on the road for like 2 hours and was ticketed. My goal is to get that car towed. I tell you these things just so you know I have other issues with our neighborhood and not with your weeds! Talk to you soon.