Monday, October 20, 2008

Things That Happened Over the Summer that I Didn't Blog About

-I read some really great books (you wouldn't know it by checking out my goodreads page. One social site at a time seems to be all I can handle. I have a neglected MySpace page out there as well).
Three Cups of Tea
The Thin Place
Brave New World
Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
Those were the good ones. I read a lot of other really not so good books. But, as the ward book group will tell you, me liking 4 books is actually quite amazing.
-I have ridden my bike or walked on the Legacy Trailway at least once a week since July (I know, it didn't open until September. We are trespassers. Arrest us.) It's a really neat trail.
-We used our trailer... twice. Sad, huh? Well, I was there to use the trailer twice. Collin took it Elk Hunting, but I don't count that. Poor trailer. Sits on the side of the house 50 weeks out of the year to be used a grand total of 2. Next year...
-I went and saw Mama Mia with my friend Emilie and really enjoyed it. That was a fun movie. Or as Emilie would say, "the best movie ever." She is so funny.
-Went to a surprise birthday party for Joy's husband, Chris, and learned that silly string should be cleaned off walls immediately.
-Conspired with Jen to get healthy. This was probably the smartest thing I did all summer.
-Fell in love with a little boy named Alexander James. Cutest baby. Love him! Love his mom (my sister)!
It was a great summer. I'd probably do it again.

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Joy! said...

Grrr to Silly String! Who knew? I have a fake plant that is still covered. I'm wondering if I should take hours to pick each piece off or give up on it. Btw... I just remembered about 3 Cups of Tea last night and started reading it again. Hopefully I can finish it soon and we can discuss.