Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting My Geek On

I just found out that although the recent cinematic release of a little show I LOVE called didn't do so well they are apparently up for giving it another go. So, about 3 or so years from now, I might see an X-Files worth waiting year after year for (cause the last one was an "eh"). If the next one doesn't have any aliens in it I want my money back. I really will ask for my money back. Think about it: adjust for inflation 3 years from now I'll probably be paying $12 for my ticket. Plus dinner with my fellow X-Files friend Emilie (and Sharolyn if she has moved back by then), I'll be out around $40. There had BETTER be aliens. Am I right guys, am I right?

Related note: Cannot WAIT to see the new Star Trek movie next May. I saw a preview for it and kind of sort of forgot I needed to be breathing. FYI, Collin is not this geeky. Before me he'd never even seen Star Wars. STAR WARS people! AND he thinks that Gandolf is Harry Potter's Headmaster. Tsk tsk. That boy cannot keep his science fiction/fantasy characters straight. He'd probably beleive me if I told him Cardasians stole Frodo's ring and threw it into a goblet of fire found on Tatooine. (Picture of Tatooine cause I know how how much my BFF Emilie likes pictures) ------->
I tried to throw a Twilight reference in there but couldn't think of one.

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Michael & Sharolyn said...

What? There weren't aliens in the last one? Agh! I have got to get out more.