Saturday, October 11, 2008

Collin's Elk Hunt/Rachel's Girl's Nights/Cello for Sale

Last weekend Collin and his dad went on their annual Elk Hunting trip. They left Friday and came back Wednesday. While they were gone I had a series of girl's nights. But since he took the camera, the only one to be recorded for posterity was the debate night (last post) because Joy and Em brought their cameras. The first night I went to dinner with my sister Jenn, her baby Alex, and our mom. We went to the Texas Roadhouse out in Kearns. Saturday night, while Jenn's husband was at Preisthood Session, Jenn and I loaded Alex up and went to the grocery store. I don't think I would have taken a picture of that even if I did have the camera. Monday night my wonderful mom-in-law took me to dinner and a play at Roger's Memorial. It was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Tons of fun. Although night after night of girl's nights were fun, I'm glad to have him home again.
Collin and his dad's Camp Collin's dad's elk. Collin didn't get one this year. Better luck next time!
P.S Collin is selling his cello. He bought it after he got home from his mission in 2001 thinking he would take it up again (he played in junior high on a rented cello). He has finally given up hope that he ever will. Anyway, he's listing it on KSL for $175.00 if anyone is interested.

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