Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Jen tagged me.
8 Favorite Restaurants:
1 Happy Sumo
2 Texas Roadhouse
3 Olive Garden
4 PF Changs
5 McGrath's
6 Chilis
7 Applebee's
8 Subway

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1 I got to work at the time I wanted to get to work. I shoot for 8 but don't usually end up sitting down at my desk until 8:30.
2 I got into a discussion on the importance of flu shots with a coworker. He thinks just because he's never had the flu or a flu shot that flu shots are a crock. Is it bad to actually want this guy to get the flu just so I can say "told ya so?"
3 While on a conference call I didn't realize I was being asked a question. I didn't get suspicious until it was really silent. My fears were confirmed when someone asked "Rachel, is your mute button on? We can't here you." Oops.
4 I waited for 30 minutes for a guy to come look at Collin's cello. He said he would be here at 4:30. He never came. Jerk, I hope he gets the flu too.
5 I got stuck in traffic on Redwood. The dogs were in the backseat barking like mad at the construction guy holding the stop sign. Gave me a horrible headache.
6 Spent $250.00 on Marley and Oso at the vet. $70.00 for routine vaccinations and a checkup, $180.00 for a thyroid test on Oso. Apparently it's not normal for a "miniature" Schnauzer to gain 5 pounds in one year. "Don't worry," they told me, "if it is his thyroid the medication isn't that expensive." They also told me the test wasn't that expensive...
7 Watched House. Well, most most of House. I have to close my eyes when they do those really gross shots of blood vessels bursting or hearts stopping. Ew.
8 Went to bed before 10. I think this may be the first time in weeks.

8 Things I Look Forward to:
1 Snow
2 Collin finishing school
3 Starting a family
4 The Office, Prison Break, The Fringe, and X-Files recording on my DVR
5 Books to come in the mail (I just got Sarah Vowell’s new book The Wordy Shipmates)
6 The election GO OBAMA!
7 Christmas
8 Losing 20 more pounds (I’ve already lost 30!)

8 Things I Love About Fall:
1 Sweaters
2 Season Premiers on TV
3 Halloween/Thanksgiving Decorations
4 Pumpkins
5 The way the heater smells
6 Allergies aren't quite as bad
7 General Conference
8 Reminds me that winter is right around the corner (I LOVE winter)

8 Things on my wish list:
1 Children
2 A finished basement (Collin has promised me it will be done in time for Christmas... we'll see)
3 Sugar free, fat free, calorie free chocolate (they can do it with butter. Have you tried "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray?" They need to get those guys working on chocolate.)
4 A Big flat screen TV (I know, it's usually the guy who wants this)
5 A finished backyard
6 Lasik (probably won't happen, I am too freaked out. But it they can figure out a way of doing it without touching my eye, I'm in)
7 Unlimited Barnes and Noble shopping spree
8 Unlimited Tai Pan shopping spree

8 People I Tag:
1 Jenn
2 Joy
3 Cori
4 Sharolyn
5 Debby
6 Linda
7 Anna
8 Tammi


k8e said...

First of all congratulations on the weight loss!!! Just the other day when I was looking at your blog I thought, "She has lost a ton of weight!" What is your secret? That is so awesome!

Second of all, to be quite honest I do not miss the neighborhood at all. Is that bad to say? However, I do miss the people! :o)

April and JJ said...

That was fun to read a little about you! And that's really funny bc when you dropped off dinner the other night, I almost told you that you looked really skinny! You look great! I'm looking forward to dropping major poundage too. :) Thanks for dinner, it was wonderful! I really am going to bring your dishes back- tomorrow for sure!

Chris and Tara said...

I love the heater smell, too. It makes me warm and cozy just thinking about it. Ü