Wednesday, March 4, 2009

According to

Check it out at
To celebrate this most proper of holidays I found this website. I wish I could carry it around in my pocket. It lists common errors. For example: When to use accept vs. except.
PS And yes, April, correct grammar ALL DAY LONG. Especially your kid's grammar. They'll love it.
PPS Did you know "PS" stands for "post script?" So this is a "post post script."
PPPS For those of you who think you've "caught me" using "and" at the beginning of a sentence it's not really a grammatical error. See this article:
Check back for more fun grammar stuff throughout the day! I'm off to make some dangling earrings that say "participle" on them.
Don't you just LOVE National Grammar Day?


jakenapril said...

wahoo! so does this mean i can correct everyone's mistakes in comments on their blogs and facebooks? my magic 8 ball says that all signs point to yes. (and i meant to type this in all lowercase letters.)

Walkers said...

haha i thought it said National Grandma Day... and i was really confused for the rest of your post... but it all made sense when you Grammar Day...

I'm so smart!

jakenapril said...

rachel, have you ever heard of the book, "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves"? it makes me laugh seeing all the errors that people make. hi-larry-us.
and did you know that rsvp stands for (french) responde s'il vous plait. yeah. i'm a wealth of information...mostly useless, but a wealth nonetheless.
love, love, love national grammar day!
p.s. can't wait to see your new earrings!