Monday, March 16, 2009

Things That Happened Last Week

I took this picture of myself. Collin thinks it's funny that I take pictures of myself. Does anyone else like to take pictures of themselves?My floors got dirty... again. Stupid Operation Basement. I was asked to tree-sit. Oso lost TWO WHOLE POUNDS!!! Way to go, buddy! Lucy doubled in size and became sort of friends with Marley and Oso.
And we got a whole lot of stuff done in the family room:
Once it's done I am going to sit down on the couch, turn the TV on, and fall asleep.


Emilie said...

Yeah for Oso losing some LBs! haha :) The family room is looking great RAch!! Can't wait to see it.

The Sparks said...

Way to go! Oso The picture of all three of them is sooo cute

Michael & Sharolyn said...

Your hair is so long and gorgeous! I'll join you on the couch- with ice cream. :)

jakenapril said...

Super update post. Love it. And I love your new basement, even if it's making the wood floors messy. Hooray for Oso and good luck to Lucy. And I like pictures of you.
You are cute and nice and have a good smile. Stay cool!
{how's that for a yearbook comment!}

Walkers said...

It is looking so good!!
You better have a tour set up for everyone to come and look at operation family room