Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Stayed Up Past My Bedtime

Last night my friend Joy and I were waiting around for our other friend Kate to fly in from out of town for the weekend. To pass the time we went and saw The Young Victoria at the Broadway Theatre. What a sweet movie. It's the story of Queen Victoria and her courtship with Prince Albert. I loved it. After the movie we met up with Kate, her sister, and a few of her other friends. We managed to only take a few pictures, though. We laughed and talked until nearly 1 in the morning. I haven't stayed out that late since I can remember! Here we are around 11:30 or so. Don't you love our glossed over sleepy look? But Kate only gets a chance to visit about once a year so so we take what we can get. Love you Kate!

Kate, Me, Joy


Michael & Sharolyn said...

You ladies are gorgeous! I miss you all.

Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

Fun times! I really like your bangs down like that. It looks really cute!

dave + kirst said...

I like your bangs too - since we're like twinners an all ;) And I loved 'The Young Victoria'! Not enough to buy it but I enjoyed it.