Monday, March 1, 2010

Girls Night at Twi-lite

Desert Star Playhouse can be REALLY funny sometimes. Especially when it hits the nail on the head PERFECTLY as it did in the case of Twi-Lite: I Was a Teenage Vampire. Holy Hilarious! I loved laughing at it even as it made fun of me and the girls I love.
My wonderful mother-in-law Sharon and me. And these two crazy ladies who seem to follow me around everywhere I go. I think they are stalking me. Or maybe it's because one is my mom and the other is my sister and the love me. I had a great time! Let's do it again soon, ladies!
And to anyone else who wants to go, I'll go with you. It really was that fun.


sexychoco said...

I want to go!! Sounds hilarious! We should ask Joy and get a group! :)

Marianne said...

This sounds so fun!

Family Style School said...

I love love love Desert Star! How fun!