Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Do You Do With Your Leftover Turquoise Paint?

What else would benefit from a little touch of turquoise?


Amy said...

You are undeniably cool.

Paul*Cat*Hallie said...

Love it!

Do you have lots left? Maybe I could buy it from you? I want to paint the upper portion of my baby's room turquoise and I think a gallon will be a TON! Just curious?

Family Style School said...

You are so undeniably cool.

I was just going to say so cool, but Amy said it better. I could totally use some hints. I lack anything decorative in my house.

dave + kirst said...

Not fair! Can I have your creative mind for a few weeks to re-do my house? LOVE your turquoise stuff (speaking of which - have you seen 'Mama Mia'? I love all the beautiful Greek turquoise colors).