Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Strange... Even For Marley

I know I blog about my dogs a lot, but what are ya gonna do? For nearly two hours every day it's just me and them until Collin gets home. Anyway, I thought Marley's choice of sitting position was kind of funny. Check it out. Her back legs are curled up below her on the upper step and her front legs are straight on the step in front of her. She just sat like that until she got sick of the camera flash and walked away.

Doesn't it look uncomfortable? I don't know how she did it. I wonder how long she would have stayed that way if I hadn't shoved the camera in her face?


The Cook Family said...

That is hilarious! She looks so cute and really uncomfrotable!!

Duffin Fam said...

Its okay for you to always blog about your dogs, they are your kids. Plus I love Schnauzers! They are funny little things arent they. They are so cute!