Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ode To My KitchenAid

Oh KitchenAid, we've been through so much this winter. Medium bread pans, mini bread pans. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Orange Bread, and Banana Nut Bread. You were there for me when my recipes called for creamed ingredients be they sugar and butter or sugar and shortening. Grateful was I for your different speeds. 10 when I needed light and fluffy, 3 when I needed nuts folded into the batter. Thanks, KitchenAid, for all you do.
This is where my KitchenAid spends about 11 months out of the year:And here it is in all it's glory basking in my camera flash while out in the open.
Does anyone have any zucchini? I think I'd like to make Zucchini Bread next.


The Cook Family said...

I have a recipe, but I know Smith's has zucchini. I can help you make it if you want; I love making bread!

Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

That's exactly what my kitchenaid looks like.. and where it stands :) Since you weren't able to make it Monday we need to have you guys over some night for games.. with jen and zach cause I haven't seen them in a long time!!

jakenapril said...

i am in awe. what a lucky li'l kitchen aid to have such a great owner such as yourself...and to leave it out for 11 months of the year. tell me, which month is it hiding, and why?
and i love zucchini bread! just in case you were wondering... :D

p.s. my word is squenes. hilarious!

Collin and Rachel said...

To clear up any confusion, my KitchenAid spends 11 months sitting unused in the corner collecting dust. Then in December it gets pulled out, shined up, and used to make all kinds of yummy breads.

Alyson Brown said...

No Kitchen in December should be without one. I think I will go bake. Thanks for bein my inspiration!