Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dog Door Rush Hour Traffic

Lucy has this habit of running to the dog door, sticking her head out, and then just standing there. Which makes it really inconvenient if Marley or Oso want to use the dog door. Marley and Lucy stood like this long enough for me to run into the kitchen, grab my camera, turn it on, insert the memory card, and take a picture. Marley is so patient. I'd have bitten her tail or something.

If you look really closely you can see where she ripped her drainage tube out. Yuck.


JoyLyn said...

LOL! That is funny! I'm starting to wonder if we should get a dog door and make kioko go outside.

Dave + Kirst said...

I think Lucy likes to be the center of attention - getting surgeries, making other dogs wait for her. Is she the alpha dog?

Rachel said...

Lucy, amazingly enough, is not the alpha dog. She is a close second but that title goes to Marley. If Marley really wanted to get through, she would have. She's the alpha but she picks her battles. Chances are Lucy didn't even know Marley was standing there.