Monday, August 3, 2009

Strawberry Reservoir Forever

I've been getting teased a lot about how "adventurous" Collin and I have become in our travels. Before I start bragging about the latest fun filled vacation Collin and I took this summer, I want you to know this isn't normal. Last year we got out 4 times THE ENTIRE YEAR (and two of those were only because the Gibson's took pity on us and let us come to Bear Lake with them)! Don't believe me, go read my blog from a year ago. Before this year, the number of times Collin and I went out of state was a grand total of 4 and we went on maybe 2 camping trips every summer. This was just our year to see the world (DC is the world, right?)
So, with that out of my system, please enjoy this post about the latest fun filled vacation Collin and I took this summer:
Here we are in the trailer at Strawberry Reservoir. It was really windy so we couldn't go out on the boat much the first day. So we played Skip-Bo. Collin won once and I won once so we stopped there. We are competitive and that kept the peace.
The next day we were able to get out on the boat. We found out years ago that Marley and Oso are not seafaring dogs. They prefer being on dry ground. So we left them back at camp with Grandma and Grandpa and took Lucy. Note to self: Lucy is also not a seafaring dog. I could barely read with her pressed up against me whining.
Collin, the sexiest fisherman I know.
Rachel, the sexiest reader Collin knows. Strawberry isn't too far from Sundance so we headed over there with Collin's sister, her husband, and their two boys. Here we are riding on the ski lift.
We went on a little hike with these two. These boys are SO funny. The kept us, and our dogs, entertained all weekend.
Sundance has some really great scenery. Here we are, ruining it, by insisting on standing in front of it and having our picture taken.
I finished this book (AND LOVED IT!!!!)I read this book (And also loved it. How did I go so long without knowing about the Scarlet Pimpernel? I feel kind of cheated. Stupid English teachers...)And I read this book. Were it not for the references to my all time favorite books ever (the Anne of Green Gables series) I would have not like this book at all. But, alas, any fan of Anne already has one foot in my friendship door.


JoyLyn said...

You guys are traveling like crazy! Good for you! So I remember in French class we watched the Scarlet Pimpernel movie. I don't remember much about it, maybe I should read the book?? So where are you and Collin going next?

Dave and Kirst said...

Hey! You guys are so dang cute in your pictures, and I have to say that I love that you're dog people AND that you have the same passion as me for reading :D I'm so glad that you loved the SP because I absolutely love it (and recommended it). I'm putting the Time Traveler in my to-read list right now.

jakenapril said...

nice. always a good thing to get away. and thanks for the book reviews...kind of. i'm thinkin' the last one sounds good. i'm a sucker for anne of green gables myself.

Elise & Ty said...

I LOVE that you've seen the world this year! Keep it up! And, I think you should blame any French teachers you may have had in school for not having you read the Scarlet least that's where I read it (and watched the movie - which I'd recommend you do!)