Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a Week

I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends, Jen. Her and Baby Abbey got a TON of adorable stuff (I heard Zach was pleased as well). We had meatballs and Jen managed to not get any marinara sauce on her belly. I've eaten lunch with her and this was quite a feat. Way to go Jen!Thursday
About 4 in the morning Collin left for the weekend for a Scout camp out with the Young Men. That night my friend Caryn and I checked out the free concert going on downtown at the Gallivan Center. We saw Iron & Wine. (I wish I could say that I had taken this picture. It was so packed I couldn't even SEE the stage.)
The plan:
Friday 4:30 pm- Get home from work and watch the Scarlet Pimpernel (Go Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman!)
7:00 pm- Read uninterrupted (Collin had Lucy on the camp out. I'd forgotten how nice it was to read and not have to play fetch every other page or so).
10:00 pm- Go to bed (at a reasonable hour for once).
Saturday 9:30ish- Wake up, organize ALL my closets and cupboards until Collin came home.

What happened:
Friday 4:30 pm- Got home from work and watched the Scarlet Pimpernel
7:00 pm- Read uninterrupted
10:00 pm- Went to bed (so far so good)
10:30 pm- Got a call from Collin saying that Lucy had been attacked by a German Sheperd and her leg was swollen to twice the size.
10:45 pm- Called the emergency vet to see what we should do. I decided that we would wait until morning and take her to our vet.
11:00 pm- Waited 2 1/2 hours for Collin to come home. May or may not have dozed off.
1:30 am- Collin came home with the most pathetic, sad looking little dog I had ever seen. Her back leg was so swollen and she wouldn't put weight on it. She just hopped around looking miserable.
2:00 am- We went to bed and put some ice on her leg. Nobody got any sleep.
Saturday 7:45 am- We took her to our vet and were pretty much turned away because they already had another emergency surgery going on.
8:00 am- Got her into the vet that is down the street from our (possibly former, they weren't very sympathetic) vet.
8:30 am- Dr. Jason Examined Lucy.
9:00 am- Lucy was taken in for surgery. They had to put her under and shave all the hair off her back leg. She had 4 puncture wounds and her leg was full of pus. They cleaned out the infection and inserted a tube drain that we have to take her back to get removed.
11:30 am- We picked Lucy up. When they brought her out she had one of those lamp shade things on her head, a bandage on her front leg from the IV, and a tube sticking out her back leg. She looked even more pathetic than she did the night before.
12:00 pm- We came home and we all watched movies and slept the rest of the day.
And here she is today. Those must be some pretty awesome pain pills. The look on her face seems to say "What? It's not normal to want to play fetch with a tube sticking out your back leg?"
Graphic Picture Alert: Here is the aforementioned tube. You can't see it in that last picture.
Needless to say, my closets and cupboards still need organizing. Maybe next weekend...


Amy said...

Ughh! I hope she's OK - the tube thing is not NEARLY as pretty as organized closets and cupboards. Sorry about that!

Emilie Peterson said...

We are glad to see she is getting back to normal:)

Marianne said...

Oh No! I'm sorry about your puppy! Looks like she is feeling better now though.

Hey do you still have the Scarlet Pimpernel movie? I gave up reading it around page 80 due to lack of motivation. I got The Thirteenth Tale from the library and can't put it down.

Also, since I am hosting the book group am I expected to lead the book discussions? If so, I am suddenly nervous and need to go find some cliff's notes.

JoyLyn said...

ah! that is so scary! :(

Shane and Linda said...

OK, I should have read this post first! I can't believe she hasn't pulled that tube out!