Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beanie Weather

I'm just going to keep going until you make fun of me. Eh, go ahead. I'll still do it even if you do.
Tomorrow: Either Jacket or Sweater Weather.
I haven't decided.
I love cold weather!


Caprene said...

The news just said it's supposed to warm back up starting today. Will you start modeling t-shirts and shorts again until the chill returns to the air?

Rachel said...

Are you making fun of me? I think you're making fun of me. No, I won't model t-shirts. While I like t-shirts, I don't love them like I do fall weather attire. And it's still cool enough for a jackeet or sweater. So there.

Amy said...

:) Soon it will be time for big thick socks! Yay!

Rachel said...

And I will blog about those socks.