Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Good Friend Bob

Last night Collin and I went and saw our good friend Bob Dylan and his Band perform out at the Great Saltair. Ok, so he he's not really our friend and we've never actually met him, but I like to tell people we were introduced by our mutual friend Bob. (In reality the mutual friend was a girl named Jill). Anyway, where was I? We went to an awesome Bob Dylan concert last night. We weren't allowed to take in cameras (or gum for some reason, they threw away a pack that was still 3/4 full, those jerks. What did they think we were going to do? Chew too loud?).So here are some random pictures found online:
Here is Bob, like, 25 years before we were born. OK. Maybe not 25. I'm guessing. Probably more like 15. This is the picture off his Blond on Blond album and I'm pretty sure it was the mid 60's. And here is the old (but awesome) fart today. He is 68. He was so spry and into it, made me think he was on something (ok, he most likely was on something. Dylan and weed pretty much go hand in hand).
It was the most random grouping of people in the audience. There was the old guy with the Santa Clause beard who asked the teeny bopper girls screaming next to him to not yell in the ear with his hearing aid. There was a group of "granolas" behind us in their NorthFace fleece jackets and Tevas. There was big burly guys who looked like mountain men standing next to yuppie looking people in sweater vests. It was awesome.


Emily said...

A concert at Saltair is always an adventure but Bob Dylan? That must have been cool!

JoyLyn said...

I should have come! Next time I won't make the same mistake... unless he is at a mountain venue again. :)

dave + kirst said...

Ah my dad would be jealous! He'd be right there with the hearing aid guy (doesn't have one yet but probably should...).

Emilie said...

Your Dream come true!!!! I'm so happy for you. haha :)