Thursday, July 17, 2008

DIY Photo of the Week

This week's DIY is probably the easiest DIY we did. I was staring at my white heater vent one day (doesn't everybody stare at their heater vent?) and thought "what can I do to make that heater vent not stand out so much?" I thought about painting it with metalic spray paint. That's when I thought "I bet they come in metalic colors!" So on a weekly trip to Home Depot, I wandered aimessly and found these! I replaced all the heater vents on my main floor. And at $13.00 per vent, it was a fairly cheap way to make me WANT people to notice my heater vents.


Chris and Tara said...

I love your blog! The backdrop is so pretty. And I am amazed at all the work you've done on your house. It's beautiful.

Caryn said...

Haha yeah Jessica is awesome, she is practically family. That's so cool she's your visiting teacher. I like your blog! I listened to the best of Bob 2 or 3 times, pretty cool but I'm not too attached.

I saw you put a link of goodreads on your profile, you should add me! The link to my goodreads profile is on my blog.

Vegas is great, I love the weather, not having to drive in the snow is the best. Everything going good at ADP?


Erik and Katherine said...

You are such a great DIY-er! Thanks SO much for your help with the backsplash. I LOVE it. You are the best.

Jess said...

Ok earlier would be great! I'll get home as fast as I can and call you so we can go. Probably about 5:15-5:30. See you tonight!