Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stupid USB Chord

I was going to upload some pics to go with my postings but didn't have a way to get my pics from my camera to my computer. So I went all the way over to Office Max (quite a feat at 5 in the afternoon), told the kid (couldn’t have been more than 14, maybe 15) the exact type of camera I had, got excited that it was only $20 bucks (that’s only half the cost of a tank of gas), brought it home (the dogs were happy to see me), and showed it to Collin when he got home (Collin’s response: “you’re still blogging?), only to find out that the chord doesn’t fit my camera. Sigh. So... no pictures today. Just close your eyes and imagine me scowling while holding a USB chord that doesn’t work with my camera. Be as creative as you like. Have a good night!

**UPDATE** Collin and I went back to Office Max, talked to a much smarter salesperson, and got the correct hardware we need to put pics on our computer. Life is good.

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