Saturday, November 8, 2008

Probably the Last Fish, Too

This picture is from last summer. It is the first fish I ever caught. Actually, it is the second fish I ever caught. Collin didn't realize that the first fish I caught that day was THE first fish I EVER caught and threw it in the water before I could hold it up proudly. Oh well. I don't like fishing anyway. Whenver I go "fishing" with Collin I might as well say I am going "reading" because I never fish. I remember after Collin took this picture he said he was so proud of me in my Cabela's t-shirt and a Sportsman's Wharehouse hat while holding a fish I caught.


jakenapril said...

wow. very impressive "second" fish! and i'm not a fisherwoman either, but i like that you are--and a fishereadingwoman at that. and i'm double impressed that you are wearing the proper attire to be least you're sponsored. well, kinda.

sexychoco said...

awesome--what's even better is you are wearing a cabelas shirt! :)