Friday, November 14, 2008

Tagged... Twice

I have been tagged by my sister, Jenn, to list in order my set recordings on my DVR. So here they are:

1 The Office
2 Grey's Anatomy
3 Bones
5 The X-Files
6 Prison Break
7 House
8 Austin City Limits
9 Big Game Fishing
10 Offshore Adventures
11 American Idol
12 Law & Order
13 30 Rock
14 Scrubs
15 Roughin' It Outdoors
16 Man vs. Wild
17 Psych
18 Fringe

I was also tagged by my friend, April:

*Two names I go by: Rachel, Mrs. (My last name)

*Two things I am wearing right now: Comfy socks, a jacket

*Two things I want in my life right now: My basement finished, a kid of my own

*Two things I did last night: Made cookies, laughed with Collin

*Two things I ate today: 20 pistachio nuts, cheerios

*Two of my favorite drinks: Diet Coke, milk (they cancel each other out, right?)

*My favorite thing to do with my right hand: Hold Collin's left hand

*Two favorite positions of the sun: Sunrise and Sunset

*Two favorite things to do in the fall/autumn: Decorate, Wear jackets

*My favorite article of clothing: The jacket I am wearing

*My first disappointment: The lie that is Santa

*Movie line that is always stuck in your head no matter what you do to get it out: "Luck-y!" ~Napolean Dynamite

There ya have it. What do you make of that? I tag Gretchen, (if you aren't busy having a baby), Kandace, Tara, and my non-blogging BFF, Emilie C. (get a blog already, this can be your first post!)


The Sparks said...

Is Austin City limits that show on PBS that has country music??

jakenapril said...

very nice. and i could say ditto to about 80% of your DVR recordings. super duper double tag post. impress me much. love napoleon!

Chris and Tara said...

Well, since I don't have a DVR I will just do the second tag, sound good? I liked the tag you did for Collin. That's a fun idea. Ü
We missed you at Settlers. Next time...