Friday, November 7, 2008

Something Like That

It is National Blog Posting Month. The goal of this is to blog every day of the month. I am going to try and do just that (even though I missed the 1st). Won't you join me for the rest of the month? We'll get to know each other SO well. Let's see how fast my creativity runs out (like it did today, because I can't think of anything else to blog about.)


Brian and Kandace said...

That's so ambitious! I can't promise anything buy I'll give it a try.

Gina said...

Hey Rach! Ok, so I took those pics just right here by our house on Center St. (where all the cows and farm stuff are). I love it out there...that's where I run. It's so peaceful and beautiful (just as long as you can get past the smell). :)

jakenapril said...

i'm not sure that i could post every day, but i'll do my darndest! i'm on a pretty good roll at the moment, so let's hope i can keep it up. thanks for the heads up on national blog posting month. what would i do without you and your posts?