Saturday, November 15, 2008

Make That 3.

So, apparently I was tagged 3 times in the last week. Sharolyn tagged me as well! These tags (shaking my head). But I love them!

I was tagged with an identical tag a few weeks ago. So this time around I am going to answer these questions about Collin (without his input).

TV Shows: (this one was made a lot easier due to the DVR tag, thanks Jenn)
Man vs. Wild
Roughin' it Outdoors
Austin City Limits
Law & Order
The Office
30 Rock
Things that happened yesterday: (Collin works for the state so he had it off, LUCK-Y!)
Played with our dogs
Pulled some weeds
Leveled some gravel in the backyard
Went to the grocery store
Painted the backdoor jam (it was peeling)
Went to lunch with some friends he used to work with
Made some popcorn
Watched "The Son on Rambow" (GREAT independent flick, I highly recommend it)
Places he like to eat:
Cafe Rio
El Matador
His mom's house
Things he is looking forward to:
Finishing his master's program
A shed (it's being built Tuesday!)
Going to Washington DC for our anniversary (yup, that is where we decided to go, neat, huh?)
Next years hunt
Owning his own fishing boat (someday...)
Having children someday
Seeing ME everyday (at least he'd better)
Things on his wishlist:
Some new really amazing gun
Some new really amazing fishing pole
Time to just relax
Again, his own boat
A wife that had a shorter "honey do" list
A riding lawnmower
A snowblower
An iPhone
For all those who know Collin how well do you think I did?
Now I tag your husbands (yes, everyone's husband). Enough about us.

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Michael & Sharolyn said...

Thanks for humoring me! You are awesome. I thought I'd help you out with the national blogger month- I didn't realize everyone else thought of that too! :)