Monday, July 13, 2009

First Kiss

Short Version:
Exaclty 7 years ago today Collin and I shared our first kiss. Yeah, I'd probably do it again.
I love you Collin!
Long Version:
(if Collin is your son or little brother, promise me you won't tease him)
Collin and I were not on a date when he first kissed me. We were with a big group of friends just hanging out. Collin and I happened to be in a car alone while my sister and Collin's BFF Nate were at the door of our friend Becca's house. Keep in mind we weren't dating, we didn't even know each other's last names. He was just one of the guys we had met a week ago (see July 6 post) and happened to hang out with a second time. Actually, we wouldn't have invited them unless Jenn, my sister, made us because she had a crush on Nate (that went nowhere leaving her to marry her wonderful husband, Brett). Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, Collin and I were alone in the car, we barely knew each other, and he started listing off all the friends he had who were getting married. I said "I don't know you but I'd marry you, ask me again in a month." And he said "I didn't ask you now" and I said "Well, then ask me in a month."
Later that night when we all headed up to Sunnyside Park we happened to find ourselves alone on a blanket and that's when we kissed. It was very sweet and took us both by surprise. Neither of us planned it, it just happened.
And wouldn't you know? He DID ask me to marry him about a month later. True story.


Anonymous said...

Great Story! Brian kissed me before we started to date also. I guess we were irresistible to our men.

Brett, Jenn and Alex said...

AHHH! So sweet! You owe me big time then! If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be so happy right now!!!

Marianne said...

Ha Ha, I love this story! It's a good thing that Collin didn't get freaked out when you told him to ask you to marry him in a month- He must have totally had the hots for you! :)

Chris and Tara said...

I love kissing stories. I'm so glad you shared.