Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who Knew?

I'm not really a fan of earrings. In fact, the last time I wore any was at my sister's wedding because she made all the bridesmaids where them. I didn't even wear them at my own reception. So imagine my surprise when I bought some while I was out and about shopping today and found that I LIKED them.


JoyLyn said...

What! How come I never knew this? I guess I never looked specifically at your ears... haha! That's great you found some you liked! I love earrings more than any other jewelry. So most times you'll find me wearing earrings and NOT my wedding ring.

Andy and Kimi said...

Hey! I don't have your e-mail address! I want to help with Jen's shower- please let me!!
Also, you look even skinnier now than you did 6 months ago when I saw you in person. You're amazing!!