Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tomorrow is the
Everyone is invited! Old neighbors, new neighbors, friends of neighbors.
Jodi and I will provide water bottles (if you want something else to drink, bring it), paper plates, plastic forks, paper towls, and ice cream sandwiches or otter pops.
We will also have condiments and about 4 grills for you to grill your meat.
Bring your blankets, chairs, something to share, and a few fireworks.
7:00 BBQ and Volley Ball
8:00 Ice Cream Sanwiches
9:00 Fireworks
If you need directions, please call me or leave a comment on my blog and I'll call you.
(I approve comments before they post and won't post any comments that have contact info in them.)


Walkers said...

ah, man!
We're going to the bee's game tomorrow!! I want to go to walton court of fire... for some reason i thought it was on the 4th of July, so i thought we had already missed it.

¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

thanks for the invite! i really want to come to your little fiesta ;)
i am going to for sure need directions to your house.
do you have my email address?

Emily said...

Yes, I believe we will be there. Sounds fun!

Stephenson and Katie said...

I"m so sad we couldn't come! We had family stuff- be sure to post lots of pics of all the fun we missed out on!