Saturday, July 25, 2009

How We Spent Our Weekend

Thursday night Collin and I took advantage of the free concerts at the Gallavin Center. We saw M. Ward (who I am now in love with). This was our view of the stage for much of the night.Friday night was the much anticipated Court of Fire. Here are some spectators in obvious awe and wonderment. A blurry picture of the fireworks. Well, the legal ones anyway. I got interrogated by a cop about the illegal ones. OK, maybe "interrogated" is too strong a word. I was "asked" about the illegal ones. Don't worry, whoever you are that brought them, your secret is safe with me (mostly because I have no idea who you are, like I would LIE to a cop.)
Me and my new best friend Tiff. (I went through all our attempts at taking pictures together and I believe this is the sexiest one. We were going for sexy, right? My eyes really DO look like I am on drugs. I'm glad it was too dark for the cop to notice...)
Saturday morning Collin and I borrowed his parents boat and headed out to Strawberry for a day of relaxing.
My idea of relaxing:
Collin's idea of relaxing:


jakenapril said...

nice. i love holiday weekends...hanging out with friends and fam, enjoying fireworks (legal, illegal, what have you), and chillin' with a good book. what are you reading? pray, tell!

oh, and i had an idea...for next year's court of fire you should have a picture booth where you can put on pioneer hats and pose for the camera. then, when people come year after year (because it is soooo famous and has therefore become a tradition--right?!?) you can see how everyone has grown up and aged beautifully, er, handsomely. anyway, just a thought. feel free to delete this segment of my comment. i will not be offended if you do. it is just a thought.

¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

SICK! you are looking hot! i am looking like i had a too many of those icecream bars sitting on the table right behind us.

i had a ton of fun though! i think that cop was a punk, but collin bullied him enough to realize who the real man was! go collin!

i am glad you were able to read. and remember to remind collin the next time you want to go to a play that you went fishing with him. you have the pictures to prove it now ;)

Amy said...

What a great weekend! Glad you had fun!